Although the world has become more accepting of people with different sexualities, there are still many people out there who are anti gay, anti trans, anti anything that is perceived as different from them.

This is why we ask for people to sign up membership.

It means that you genuinely wish to become a part of the NudeManFest ethos, that you have agreed to always be accepting of difference, that you are caring and sharing about your fellow man. It means that you will not discriminate against another man on the basis of body shape, weight or size or any other feature and that you will treat all men equally at NudeManFest.

Membership entitles you to first notification of upcoming events. It gives you first choice of tickets for events. In the future we will have membership discounts for tickets and other opportunities as they arise.

Membership is $15 p.a. To sign up, click the button below