About NudeManFest

What type of guys attend NudeManFest?

There is a wide range of guys who attend, with a broad range of body types, sizes, shapes, ages, races, sexualities and so forth.

As long as you identify as a man (a gentleman, a sir, a boy who is over the age of 18), you are able to attend NudeManFest, no matter if you are gay, straight, bisexual. We also warmly welcome our trans brothers who are FTM. As long as you are someone who identifies as a male and are naked, you are able to join us.

Being a nudist isn’t about how you look, if you are a Daddy, Son, Geek, Leather Man, Otter, Ostrich, Rugged, Wolf, Chub, Bull, Twink, Twunk, Pup, Circuit Boy, Gym Bunny, Jock, Art / Show, Clean-Cut, Sandwich or Metrosexual you are all welcome.

We also have bankers, lawyers, businessmen and tradies: – it really doesn’t matter about social class; we don’t have any labels once the clothes are off.

People aren’t there to judge, or make fun of anyone. And not everyone is there to pick up (although this does happen and we don’t mind it).

Everyone is welcome and we hope that others will make people feel a part of the community.

This is not a typical camp site and we don’t want to use stereotypes or label people. Most of the people who do attend are very relaxed, welcoming and care-free. They are just there to be naked and enjoy themselves.

We expect you to be the same.

Do I have to always be naked?

In a word, yes. As everyone will be naked themselves, so it will be best if you don’t cover up. It is unfair if someone comes along and stays in their underwear the whole weekend. It will make the nudists feel uncomfortable.

No one will force you to remain naked if it gets too cold, for example, but keep in mind we are nudists. If you are wearing some kind of clothing (even a jock strap) for the whole time, this would cause an issue. Therefore, we reserve the right ask you to strip off or please leave, as staying clothed will be disrespectful to the other members of the nudist community.

An example would be: some nights it gets cold up in the country, so some of the lads would wear a warm coat and no pants. Others will rug up when outside and if they enter the house they will strip off again. On extremely hot days, people are known to wear long sleeve tops to protect their skin, but you should always bring sunscreen and you can always ask someone to help you apply it.

If we are holding a NMF event in the cooler months March-October we may have a bonfire to allow us to continue to enjoy the naked experience in comfort.

Are trans welcome to NudeManFest?

If you identify yourself as a male, then you are a part of NudeManFest.

We invite all our brothers – it is that simple, as long as you are willing to strip completely off, to come join us.

Are straight guys welcome?

Yes, straight guys are more than welcome at NudeManFest, as long as they are aware that they will need to be naked, just like everyone else.
We have had many straight and married guys who attended NMF. We do not discriminate and we welcome all types of men, regardless of sexuality. Some men just like to come and be naked with their fellow brothers. (If you want to be discreet then you just need to let others know your situation or change your name. No one is going to be stalking you and we will respect your privacy.)

Are girls allowed?

No, this is a Nude Man Festival.

How many people will be there?

The property is quite large and can accommodate a lot people. The limit is dependent on our Planning Permit conditions.

Sometimes NudeManFest will be on a long weekend when other events are scheduled for that same weekend, i.e. Australia Day. Different NudeManFest events will have different turn-outs but you will be sure to have fun just being on the property.

Whether there be a large number or people or a small number of people, either way has its pros & cons, but each time we have a fantastic time.

There only needs to be one other special person to have a good time.

What happens if I get an erection: will people laugh at me?

This is quite normal and no one will judge you for it. If anything, you will probably get compliments.
We are all guys here and erections are very normal, so you’ve got nothing to be ashamed about.

Will people be having sex?

Yes, people will be having sex. You are free to do what you want, however, we ask that you be respectful of others around you and not have sex in the public areas. There will normally be a private room set aside for sexual activities and you are asked to confine activities to that room or to your own tent. It is up to you to practice safe sex. BYO condoms.

It is a common misconception that nudist events are just orgy filled weekends with people having sex everywhere all of the time. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Please do not go naked out onto the road or into areas where you are likely to be seen by the general public.

What is the age range like?

To be honest, it is hard to tell. The age range is quite broad and a number of different guys attend NudeManFest. Usually the age is around 20 to 80. But no matter of the age of the people there, everyone will be friendly and made welcome.

The youngest we have had at NudeManFest was 18 and the oldest was 85. This was at the same event.

Please note, you need to be over 18 years old to enter the event. We expect all people to be friendly and receptive to others. Rudeness because of age or looks or other bodily features will not be tolerated. If you are looking for Mr muscle-gorgeous-twink, we suggest you stay at home. NudeManFest is for all men, regardless of looks or size and if sex results from that, so much the better.

What is the accommodation like?

NudeManFest is hosted in a secluded area away from main roads. Everyone camps in the main area or a bunk can be booked, depending on the location of the event.

If camping, you will need to bring a tent and sleeping equipment.

There are showers and toilets, BBQs and refrigerators/freezers and a kitchen.

How isolated / private is it?

The area is mostly of remnant bush which provides a lot of coverage. The nearest neighbour is about 1 km away. You are safe and private.

There is a lot of tree coverage, so no one will be able to see what is going on as long as you stay in the main grounds. We do ask people if they are near the main road to put clothes on and respect the neighbours.

Will there be internet / reception / technology there?

In a word, No. The idea is to log off and disconnect and engage with your fellow campers.

Even fellow campers who are with Telstra have had issues with reception.

You may go for a bit of a walk up the mountain to get reception if you really need to check who is on grindr, but seriously, take the time at NudeManFest to turn off your phone, leave your laptop or tablet at home and enjoy the scenery, the environment and communing with other like-minded men in a relaxing bush setting.

There is no internet (or wifi) but there is a landline in case of emergencies. There are power points if you do need to charge anything: – just talk to the NMF coordinators. Benalla is a 15 mins drive from the site where you will get wifi reception if you need to to check messages, emails etc


I want to camp next to my friends, can you reserve a spot?

Camping sites are allocated as you arrive. Spaces can’t be held, so please show up at the same time if you’d like to camp together.

There are plenty of camping spots available. Each year we keep opening up new locations to camp. We recommend looking at the map that will be emailed out before each event.

Do you hire out accommodation?

We don’t have cabins or rooms to hire out. We may, in the future, hire out tents, but at this stage, you will need to bring your own. Depending on where the event will be, there are bunks that can be used, but you must book a bunk at the time of booking your ticket.

Can I sleep in my car?

We do not allow cars onto the camp site (unless you have a disability or a special need). However you can park alongside the camper vans and sleep in your car there.

Can I bring a caravan or something else besides a tent?

There is plenty of room if you want to bring a caravan or motor home, but we cannot offer you power. Refrigeration and cooking facilities are available in the communal areas. We ask that no generators are used in the main camping area, to respect other visitors’ experiences. If you need power for medical reasons, please contact us in advance to sort out arrangements. We have a separate field for all motor homes, and allow visitors to sleep in their cars/caravans. They will be able to park in the same location, separate to the general parking.
Please contact us in advance to let us know you are bringing a motor home so we can make appropriate arrangements.

Packing for NudeManFest

What do we need to bring?

You will need to bring a tent, air mattress (if you don’t have an air pump, someone will be able to lend you theirs), sleeping bag / blankets, pillows etc. Bring clothes in case it gets cold at night. If you have booked to sleep in a bunk, only bring sheets/blankets/pillows or sleeping bag.

Pack food, drink, sunscreen, towel and shower stuff etc. You should also bring drinking water.

You will be advised before the camp whether you need to bring crockery/cutlery/saucepans etc. Please do NOT bring any knives or dangerous weapons.

For safety reasons we ask campers not to bring any barbecues or gas burners. We provide all cooking facilities.

Can I bring a musical Instrument?

Yes! We would love for anyone to serenade us with their talents while we relax in the hammocks drinking cocktails and margaritas.

If you are an actual band / DJ, or have some kind of performance you would like to do at NudeManFest, we may be interested in you coming along and putting on a bit of a show for us. Contact us to discuss.

Can I bring any pets?

No. Whilst there are dogs and a range of animals on the premises, we need to protect their safety, so please make alternative arrangements for your pooch (and/or pussy), whilst you are at NMF.

We simply can not manage a situation where we allowed everybody who came along to bring their pooch, as the dogs out of their own territory would be fighting and barking all the time and this is not restful for anybody.

Once you are There

Once I get there, what do I do? Is there reception or check in?

Once you arrive at NMF, go to the main building to check in. There will normally be someone at the front waiting to greet you, scan your ticket. You may drop some of your gear here, but it is best to wait until you get to the car park.

From the main building walk to the main camping area to find a location to set up. Please ask for more information.

For camper vans and such, you will go to the camping area and park near to the parking area.

If no one is able to meet you (for example, if you arrive late at night), come to the main building, most people are usually relaxing, playing, eating or drinking back there, you will easily be spotted as a newbie if you are wearing clothes. Come say hi – there will usually be a few friends floating around. We will all be able to greet you, help you get settled in and direct you. It is a very relaxed community vibe.

What stuff will be provided to use?

We have a great cooking area with a number of barbecues, including an area for vegetarians only.

There are kitchen facilities that everyone is welcome to use, including a microwave, kettle and sink/dishwasher for washing up (cleaning products provided), as well as a range of cooking utensils to prepare food on the barbecue.

Depending on the location of the camp, you will be advised whether you need to bring crockery/cutlery/cooking equipment at the time of booking.

For safety reasons, we ask you to leave all barbecue, gas burners and cooking facilities at home and use ours. We have plenty of room for everybody.

Remember that, during the summer it is often a Total Fire Ban day, so everyone needs to use common sense around fire.

Where do I park?

The parking area is close to the camping areas. We will request all visitors park in the designated area.

We ask that cars are kept off the camp site to keep the area clean and healthy. You can easily walk to your car at any time.

What happens if it rains?

There are lots of places to keep warm and dry at NudeManFest. Check the weather forecast in advance and bring some warm clothes, gumboots and umbrella if it is appropriate, but unless extremely unusual weather conditions occur, the festival will continue on, rain or shine.

If it is cold, you are more than welcome to rug up – you don’t have to remain naked the whole time if you are cold.


How do I sign up for events?

To attend NudeManFest events you must be a member. Annual membership costs $15 and entitles you to discounts off event prices. The only event you don’t need to be a member for is the Australia Day event which can booked through MidSumma.

Can I sign up for an event without being a member?

The only event you can sign up for without being a member is the Australia Day event which is being supported through Midsumma. For all other events, you must be a member.


Am I allowed to take photos?

To put it bluntly, no.

A lot of our guests are uncomfortable with their photos being taken, so we ask that you be polite and don’t walk around and take photos out of respect for other guests.

However, if you would like to go somewhere private (your tent, a walk etc….) with your camera, that will be okay. You can take photos around the location as long as you are not near roads or other properties and you are respectful of others.

Due to sensitivities surrounding NudeManFest, we will not have an official photographer. We will not be posting any photos on our website in the foreseeable future.

Do you have the facilities for douching?

We do not have specific facilities for douching.


You may want to bring your own drinking water. Filtered water is provided at the camp ground which is used for drinking and showering.
Water is a limited resource however, so we ask that you be considerate with your shower time and keep to a quick wash off rather than your normal shower routine at home.
Water can become a scare resource in the summer months in the bush, so we simply ask for you to be conscious of water limitations and the environment and reduce your shower time. This way we can all continue to enjoy the beautiful shower facilities at NudeManFest.


When camping in the outdoors fire can make the difference to your experience in many different ways.

We use fire to cook and create ambience and warmth, or, used in the wrong way, it can kill us.

As there are many of us camping in the middle of the summer months in a dry bushfire prone area we ask that you help to keep each of us safe by only using the communal BBQs for cooking where we have nearby fire extinguishers. Individual BBQs, Camp Fires, Personal Candles, Incense Burners and any other naked flame is Strictly Prohibited during the Fire Danger Season.
During the Fire Danger Season cigarette smokers should only smoke in a designated smoking area and butts placed in sand boxes provided.

Fire Plan

While we don’t want you to be alarmed, we do want to be vigilant and prepare you in the case of a fire threat during NudeManFest.

We have, to date, no history of a bushfire at NudeManFest and we expect your 100% cooperation in keeping it that way.

I have some other questions that were not covered in this FAQ, who can I ask?

You can contact us here.